Robert’s Story

On December 20th, 2016 29 year old Veteran Robert Corbett was involved in a snowboarding accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. He was rushed to University of Virginia Medical Center to receive treatment for his injuries, including emergency surgery to stabilize his spinal column. This spinal cord injury wasn’t the only life-changing event Robert Corbett faced though. Just six days after his hospitalization Robert and his wife Tiffany welcomed their first child into the world.





The new father was now in need of rehabilitation for his injuries and was accepted into Shepherd Center, one of the best spinal injury rehabilitation facilities in the country. The family soon found that their insurance refused to cover an air ambulance transport and being new parents, the Corbetts were unable to afford the substantial out of pocket costs. With the assistance of a wonderful case manager at Shepherd Center, they reached out to Charity Air Ambulance for help.






We immediately saw the need for this young man with a growing family to get the best rehabilitation possible so that he could have the highest chances of recovering from his injuries. On January 11th, we funded air ambulance transport for Robert. We also ensured that Robert’s wife and brand new daughter were able to make the trip with him. Now Robert is undergoing extensive therapy while still being able to watch his new baby grow. We at Charity Air Ambulance are honored to have been a part of this veteran’s journey and know without a doubt he will make great strides in his recovery.