Noah’s Story



Amanda and Tyler Jarvis were excitedly anticipating the arrival of their twin boys but welcomed them much earlier than they expected. Born at just 25 weeks gestation, the Jarvis twins entered the world fighting for their lives. Like most preemies, the boys faced several medical issues but one twin was faring worse than the other. Noah Jarvis required specialized treatment for his complications and had to leave the hospital where his brother would remain to continue his care to travel all the way from South Dakota to Nebraska.





After undergoing surgery and stabilizing, Noah was ready to go back home to continue progressing by his brother’s side. Amanda and Tyler were struggling to split their time between the twins who were now in two different states and were ready for Noah to return home so they could all be together again. With their insurance company refusing to cover air ambulance transport because they deemed it as not medically necessary, Amanda and Tyler were faced with either keeping Noah at his current facility for several months until he was ready to be discharged or coming up with several thousand dollars to cover the out of pocket costs for an air ambulance flight.




Charity Air Ambulance saw the necessity of returning Noah home and stepped in to fund the transport to make it possible. On February 17, 2017 Noah Jarvis returned to South Dakota to continue care in the hospital by his brother’s side and in the arms of his loving parents. The Jarvis twins are now thriving together and the stress and worry of splitting time and fighting with insurance is now lifted from the new parents’ shoulders. Together the Jarvis family can move forward and count down the days until the twins can go home.