Gaul’s Family Story

Ashley and Roger Gaul were expecting a healthy baby girl but at 20 weeks, their unborn daughter was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. They were offered a choice for their baby to receive corrective surgery while still in the womb by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and they jumped at the chance. Before Ashley could undergo surgery though, she gave birth prematurely and welcomed their new daughter Eliana into the world at only 25 weeks. After receiving the surgery and further care for her congenital conditions, she was stable enough to be transported back home to Iowa but unsurprisingly, insurance refused to cover the flight. Unable to cover the out of pockets costs on their own, The Gaul family reached out to Charity Air Ambulance. On January 20th, 2017 we funded Eliana’s air ambulance transport back to Iowa where she will continue to receive care until she is ready to go home. Even if insurance is telling you no, we at Charity Air Ambulance are here for you.