Colton Aecks’ Story

When 21 year old Supercross rider Colton Aeck was seriously injured during a race

in Texas, he knew he would need extensive rehab to recover from his injuries.

Among the several injuries he sustained were a fractured spine and a collapsed lung.

Due to these injuries, the physician providing his care in the Texas facility warned

against Colton flying for 2 months. This meant that he would have to stay in Texas,

hundreds of miles away from his home and family in California as he healed enough

to undergo inpatient rehab.


Our friends at Road2Recovery reached out to us in the hopes that we would be able

to transport Colton sooner. We quickly went to work and arranged transport within

a week of learning about Colton’s situation. We knew the importance of this

talented young athlete getting home where his support system was waiting to cheer

him on as he went through rehab. On Friday, February 23 rd Colton was on his way

home via air ambulance with his supportive father and a medical crew there to care

for him every step of the way.


Supercross riders risk their lives every day to do what they love and to entertain the

masses across the country. These riders may not always have the care and support

they need when they sustain serious and sometimes career ending injuries. Our

friends at Road2Recovery are there to ensure that these athletes are not alone in

their fight to recover and receive the care they deserve while also providing

financial assistance to athletes and their families when the medical bills begin to pile

up. We are so happy to team up with this amazing organization so that we can help

these athletes continue to do what they love, while we do what we love: help people

in need.


Colton Aeck Video