Charity Air Ambulance Steps Up After Young Woman Suffers Serious Spinal Cord Injury

Chandler, Ariz. – When Eva Arapeles and her family arrived in Hawaii, they anticipated eight fun-filled days and that perhaps they’d leave with a nice tan and some great memories. Instead, they left without their daughter.


The California resident suffered a mid-back fracture that left her a paraplegic after falling from a fourth-floor balcony at the Hawaiian condominium unit where they were staying. As a recipient of California Medicaid, she was unable to finance her necessary transport back to the contiguous United States, where she could undergo rehabilitation and rely on her friends and family for support.


After being contacted by Evangelina Arapeles about her daughter’s plight, Charity Air Ambulance stepped in and agreed to finance a flight back to California for Eva so she could begin to receive continued care surrounded by her friends and family. The flight was scheduled to take place Wednesday, Aug. 17, after which Eva would begin to undergo treatment at San Jose, California’s Valley Medical Center, where they specialize in spinal cord injuries.


“I am so sad about the incident and her resulting handicap, but I am so grateful

that she is alive and her rehab is progressing,” said Evangelina Arapeles, of her daughter’s last few weeks. “Eva has a lot of people loving her, and they are anticipating her return to California.”


Charity Air Ambulance was created to provide care to those in need and financial support in situations when traditional insurance is not recognizing the urgency and need. For more about the efforts and life-saving transportation services of Charity Air Ambulance, visit


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