Asia’s Story

Charity Air Ambulance was created to offer life-saving medical transportation for those who can’t otherwise afford it, and we are honored to announce the completion of our first pro bono patient flight.


The recipient was 24-year-old Asia Richmond, who suffers from lupus and was transported from Atlanta, Georgia, to New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 28 after suffering multiple major strokes that left the once-completely independent young woman paralyzed and in need of continuous care.


Although she originally began receiving treatment in Atlanta, she was in desperate need of transport to New Orleans, where her mother and sister reside and would be able to continue to provide regular, ‘round-the-clock care. Though the patient had Medicaid coverage, Medicaid did not cover the cost of the transport, leading us to step in and ensure she would be able to receive the assistance she needed at no cost to her grieving family.


“Words cannot express how grateful we are that you are helping us get Asia home so I can help her as she recovers,” said Jacqueline Richmond, the patient’s mother, of Charity Air Ambulance’s assistance. ” You have united my family by bringing Asia back to New Orleans and giving me a chance to take care of my daughter myself.”

Charity Air Ambulance agreed to this flight based on the belief that a patient is more likely to recover quickly when undergoing treatment in a comfortable environment and with the support of familiar faces. We hope that Asia is able to make great strides now that she is back home.

Created to provide care to those in critical condition and in situations when traditional insurance has denied services. We will continue to help people throughout the year by donating transport services and working alongside hospitals to determine the most urgent need. We hope that by eliminating the tremendous financial burden that can accompany long distance medical transport, we will allow patients to concentrate on what’s most important: their own recovery. For more about the efforts and life-saving transportation services of Charity Air Ambulance, visit