Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Charity Air Ambulance?
Charity Air Ambulance is a privately funded organization that was created to assist patient advocates in their critical times of need and provide a new source of funding for patients who meet certain criteria. With the aid of our private partners and affiliates, Charity Air Ambulance helps coordinate and secure patients medically warranted, long-distance air ambulance transfers.
2What eligibility criteria must Charity Air Ambulance patients meet?
A patient who has a medical condition that requires long distance medical transport to receive specialized care and treatment that would otherwise not be available to them and their current location.
3How Is Charity Air Ambulance funded?
We have private funding available to pay for medically necessary flights. Our hope is that, with the help of our private partners, enough of the flights we complete will in fact be covered. If funds are received by the responsible parties, we will refuel this incredible and ground breaking program. To start, Charity Air Ambulance has secured funding for a limited amount of flights each month and per year. Despite our desires, we may not be able to fund every transport we’d like. We strongly encourage you to call even if you are being denied, underinsured or have none at all. For a complete play-by-play of how we finance our flights, please call us at 1-844-307-3731. We are truly here to help.
4What if my doctors don’t believe air ambulance transport is necessary?
We recognize this is an uncomfortable position to find yourself in. If your physicians or other care providers don’t agree that your transport is medically necessary, let us evaluate your situation with an impartial eye. Doctors deny transports for all kinds of reasons, many of which may surprise or upset you. Regardless of the hurdles you face for transport, we can help get to the bottom of the issue.
5Can I still chose the provider of my choice if I accept your funding?
Yes, in that situation we simply pay for all upfront costs so you may fly with the licensed provider of your choice. Sometimes hospitals have in-network providers and we can fund those flights as well.
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